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The Ten Commandments of Writing

1. LIMITS ARE YOUR FRIEND (because the best solution is a creative solution) 2. DON'T BE TOO GOOD A WRITER (don't fall in love with your skill) 3. GOOD WRITING IS WRITING THAT WORKS (corollary to Commandment #2) 4. GOOD WRITING HAS ITS OWN ENERGY AND VELOCITY 5. A GOOD IDEA THAT COMES FROM A DEEP AND TRUE PLACE WILL CREATE ITS OWN VELOCITY (corollary to Commandment #4) 6. DON'T DO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO 7. DON'T BECOME WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO BECOME (corollary to Commandment #6) 8. IT'S EASY TO GET DISCOURAGED 9. IT'S ALWAYS EASY TO GET REFRESHED AND EXCITED (read, hear, see great work, old and new; corollary to Commandment #8) 10. WRITE SOMETHING THAT ONLY YOU - AND NO ONE ELSE- COULD WRI

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