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The Something

When two men arrive in a small town right before its annual festival, they bring a mysterious something that can turn love into violent hate, leaving the fate of the community in the hands of a high school girl with an unknown power.

Cinestory Semifinalist 2019

Screencraft Horror Contest Finalist 2019


(aka Seven Days in Rosetown)

A dogged FBI investigator tries to make sense of a school shooting in a Texas town.

Cinequst Finalist

Cinestory Semifinalist

Page International Quarterfinalist

ScreenCraft Quarterfinalist

Stage 32 Semifinalist

Anna Blue

A David Lynchian murder mystery. A recluse finds a dead woman's body in his trash, which leads to a very dark family reunion.

Austin Film Festival Screenplay Finalist

...and optioned a bunch of times....

Sweet Nothin'

A washed up 70's TV actor is framed for murder, hides in a mental hospital, and to survive has to - for the first time - play himself. A comedy about the sheer stupidity of a 70's male, a way to redemption, and a lot of nonsense in between.

Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting Quarterfinalist

Table Read My Screenplay Semifinalist

The Scouts

(previously - The Kids)

After her sister’s execution, a pregnant teenager joins the 1944 Warsaw uprising against the Nazis. Based on true events involving the Scouts- kids and teens who fought in the resistance during WWII.

Cinequest Semifinalist

Scriptapalooza Finalist 2019

Page International Finalist 2019

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