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Two spring thoughts, and a black box

Just two quick thoughts: 1) the greatness of Arthur Miller- recently finished 'A View From the Bridge', and while I was not able to see what sounded like a phenomenal production in New York last year, I was reminded of his skill and the pure craft of his playwriting; 2) a shoutout for 'Lincoln in the Bardo' by George Saunders (which was originally conceived of as a play, and you can see that in the multiple voices); beautiful writing- while his short stories are original, and a gas, there is a restraint and a fluidity to his writing that is new. Which is a segue for a brief, overproduced, glossy and a little too cute video about George Saunders that nonetheless gets to the idea of writing without knowing everything (or possibly anything) about where things are headed. Which is sometimes the best way to get to someplace a helluva lot more interesting than your initial conception ( the value of uncertainty). It's at:

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