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Big Swimps

From the last in the series of 'stuff in my garage':

This is a photo which I absolutely love, that I picked up in New Orleans. As I head off this week for the Austin Film Festival (always a great time), this is a way to put things in perspective, especially when it comes to writing. We all have pursued various endeavors, whether it be in the arts, business, whatever. And we're all like this guy standing by the truck, at some point. I love him because he seems so proud, despite the imperfect sign. We all make imperfect things. Sometimes they're, if not close to perfect, pretty good, and other times, they're just plain awful. But in the moment, there's that pride, either way. If the endeavor ends up being an abysmal failure, it seems tragic. But even if it's a big success, it's only fleeting, and probably not perfect. And then it's on to the next thing.

We're all this guy. And he may be selling the best fucking shrimp from the back of that truck, for all we know.

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